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South West UKIP Annual Conference and Gala Dinner 4th / 5th March 2016
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Vote NO, to ensure the UK quits EU 

Remember to vote NO in the Referendum to ensure that the UK quits the EU


Support our campaign for proportional representation (PR) so that everyone's vote counts. Almost 4 million people voted for UKIP, but this resulted in only one parliamentary seat.

With PR, UKIP would have achieved 83 seats.

Support UKIP and free our country from the grip of the autocratic and costly EU.

Did you know that unelected EU Commissioners and their bureaucrats dictate UK policy in:

UK Export trade agreements

UK Border controls and immigration

UK Foreign Affairs

UK Economic Affairs

UK Justice

UK Energy

UK Social Affairs

UK Agriculture and Fisheries

UK Law Enforcement and Police

UK Public Heath

UK Transport

UK Employment

UK Environment

And the UK pays the EU £55 million per day for the privilege

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