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UKIP Parliamentary Candidates for Devon
Election date 8th June 2017



Steve Crowther

Steve Crowther - North Devon

Richard Ellison

Richard Ellison - Plymouth Sutton & Devonport


Brigitte Graham

Brigitte Graham - East Devon



Steve Harvey

Steven Harvey - Totnes




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Ian Ross

Ian Ross - South West Devon
  • Ian works locally as a defence industry engineer, after periods in the power, oil and gas sectors and the Royal Navy. Ian is married and has lived in the Ivybridge area since 1987. Ian believes that a strong UKIP presence is necessary to hold the establishment to account to deliver the best Brexit deal.

  • I support an immigration policy that reduces the demand on public services but accepts people with the attitude, skills shortages required to sustain our economy.

  • For our external and internal security, Britain should have adequately funded and fit for purpose Armed Forces and Police.

  • Re-engage people in democracy by introducing Proportional Representation, an English Parliament, meaningful public consultation exercises and referenda. This way, the voice of the People is heard, not just remote elitist central and local government.

  • I oppose the ongoing reduction of central spending to local government. This has led to underfunded schools, hospital closures and care services. Council tax will rise but service levels decrease.

  • Reduce the Foreign Aid budget and utilise former EU fees to support our NHS, agriculture and building council housing.

  • Regain full sovereign control of British waters and fishing rights after Brexit.
Tim Matthews

Tim Matthews - Central Devon


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Tony McIntyre

Tony McIntyre - UKIP candidate
for the Torbay Constituency


I am honoured to stand again in this snap election. Having spent my entire career as a teacher before retiring in 2005 I am well aware of the problems that beset the teaching profession. By standing in elections it has given me the chance to both voice my own opinions on issues of political importance and hear from the electorate what is important to the general public.

From a party perspective UKIP is offering the following five pledges.

  • CUT IMMIGRATION: Create an immigration system that is fair for all. Border and coastal security to be reinstated
  • A MORE SECURE BRITAIN: Recruit 20,000 soldiers; rebuild our armed forces.
  • N H S BEFORE FOREIGN AID: Fund 20,000 nurses and 10,000 G P's; scrap hospital parking fees
  • PROTECTING BRITISH CULTURE: One legal system for all; defending hard won equality and free speech.
  • MODERN AND FAIR DEMOCRACY: Full Brexit. Abolish the House of Lords; English Parliament; Proportional Representation

What do I stand for representing Torbay?

  • FIGHT TO STOP THE PROPOSED CUTS IN NHS FUNDING THAT EFFECT TORBAY HOSPITAL. The closure of wards in outlying hospitals will adversely increase the demands on an already overstretched facility.
  • FIGHT AGAINST THE PROPOSED REDUCED BUDGETS FOR LOCAL SCHOOLS. At present Torbay has some of the poorest funded state schools in the country. Staff losses are inevitable if no account is taken of rising numbers.
  • REDUCE VAT FROM 20% TO 5% FOR THE LEISURE INDUSTRY. This would make eating out and hotel accommodation more affordable and bring more trade to the area.
  • RAISE THE BASIC TAX THRESHOLD FROM £11,000 TO £15,000 TO MAKE WORK MORE ATTRACTIVE. Torbay, being predominately a tourist area is not affluent and average salaries are below the national level. Having said that property prices are high as is the cost of renting. We must invest in affordable housing for local people.
  • SUPPORT OUR LOCAL POLICE FORCE. The levels of domestic abuse are too high in Torbay. Alcohol induced violence is having a detrimental impact on Torbay hospital. There should be more emphasis on prevention, rather than involving the courts.
  • SCRAP THE TUITION FEES STRUCTURE FOR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION. A policy that the Liberal Democrats so cynically ditched when they were offered power in a coalition in 2010.

I look forward to your support on June 8th

Wendy Noble

Wendy Noble - Plymouth Moor View

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